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Hi, I am Katherine Abraham, your host, and dost on Chasing Hope! Let’s talk about the valleys and peaks of the Christian life. We will try to answer the hard questions that people continuously ask and, most of all, provide answers that aim to give our readers and listeners hope for every day.

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She is very enjoyable to listen to weaving in historical nuggets and practical Christianity bringing the Bible to life. Her authenticity and genuineness make listening a pleasure.
Alyssa Truman
Alyssa Truman
AWR Digital Marketer
Helpful and Hopeful Podcast
Katherine is very open and genuine is her podcast. The information is also helpful and hopeful.
Sam Neves
Digital Marketing Specialist
I love the historical facts presented, especially the archaeology parts. It just makes the biblical accounts come to life.
Ym Mc
May Calim

Why Bother Listening?

Because one of these podcasts is telling a story about you right now. Yes! No kidding!

I am confident that one of the stories we share in any of these episodes can be something that you can relate to or might even be a story you are going through right now.

The Christian life, secular or life in its entirety, is challenging, and I pray that you can find comfort in one of these podcasts we so passionately create.

Inspiring Podcasts About The Christian Life

Every podcast episode we release is tailored to address the questions that most people ask about our daily lives. We will talk about career, faith, hope, and plenty of areas that concern you – the listener. Regardless if you are having a bad day or not, there is one or more episode that will always match your spiritual need today. So what’s the hold-up? Go check them out now!

Where Else Can You Find Me?

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